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Why should I become involved in test development activities?
Participation in development activities provides educators with an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from across the state and to contribute to the quality of public education.
What if I am planning to take an Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) test? May I still apply for participation?
All educators are welcome to apply, but those educators who are selected to participate in ILTS test development activities should be aware that they will not be eligible to take the ILTS tests for three years from the date of the conference.
How do I get involved in test development activities?
The first step is to complete and submit an application. Once an application is received, it will be sent to Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) for review. Depending upon available committee spaces, ISBE will then send out an invitation to selected educators.
Where are the meetings typically held?
Most meetings will take place at a centrally located conference facility in the Springfield area.
How does my school district get reimbursed for a substitute teacher? How do I get reimbursed for my mileage and travel expenses?
You will receive your substitute reimbursement forms and information about completing them at each meeting.
I have colleagues who would like to attend. May I encourage them to participate?
All interested participants need to submit an application, which will be considered by ISBE. Please ask your colleague(s) to submit an application from this Web site. You may also nominate colleague(s) by completing a nomination form available on this Web site.
If I do not get selected to participate in a test development conference, are there other opportunities to get involved?
Yes, you could be involved in the following types of test development activities:
  • Content Validation/Job Analysis Survey. As a public school educator or as a higher education faculty member you may be selected to participate in a survey to verify that the test objectives are related to the job.
  • Field Testing. If you are a faculty member in an educator preparation program, you may be asked to assist in field testing the draft test items for your field by encouraging your students to participate. Participating in the field test will allow students to preview the types of items that may be on the actual ILTS tests.
What are the arrangements for hotel accommodations?
The Evaluation Systems group of Pearson will reserve a hotel room for you, if needed. The cost of the room and tax will be directly billed to Evaluation Systems group of Pearson. You will be asked to provide a credit card number for incidentals. Should you need to cancel your attendance at the meeting, or cancel or modify your overnight accommodations reservation, please contact Evaluation Systems as soon as possible. (Evaluation Systems incurs charges for no-shows and for sleeping room cancellations that occur later than 3:00 p.m. the day before check-in.) If you need to cancel your accommodations after 5 p.m., please contact the hotel directly.
Can I bring my cell phone and/or PDA?
As a courtesy to other attendees and facilitators, please refrain from the use of cell phones or PDAs during the meeting. We ask that you kindly turn off your phone/PDA or set it to vibrate and not take calls during the meeting.
What if I have special dietary requests?
Evaluation Systems selects menus that we hope everyone will enjoy. We realize that some individuals have special dietary requests. Attendees who notify us about special dietary requests are provided with a meal based as closely as possible on their specific dietary needs. Due to the large number of attendees and the ability of the conference facility to accommodate, substitutions to the standard conference meal may not be possible. Please make alternative meal arrangements if you have very specific dietary restrictions, as our food and beverage options may not meet your needs.
What should I wear?
Business attire is appropriate for all conference activities. We recommend that you dress in layers and bring a sweater or jacket to the meeting in case the room temperature is not comfortable for you.
Are the meeting rooms and hotel accommodations fully accessible to all?
Evaluation Systems strives to hold meetings that are accessible to all. If you require special assistance, auxiliary aids, or other reasonable accommodations to participate fully in the meeting, please let us know. Any information regarding your disability will remain confidential.
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